Props Adoption & Partnership

Sometimes when we decide to discard an item, there’s often a lack of insight to cause and effect. Materials such as fiberglass or polyfoam (or styrofoam) needs to be discarded carefully as it contains toxins that might collect in landfills.
Let’s do our part and save the Earth!

Keeping in line with our mission statement, we are looking for:

1) Props to Adopt

If you have any interesting props that you wish to discard after an event or it may be something that you own but wish to donate to make room for other things; please contact us.  Our Production team’s expertise is to upcycle and giving props a new lease of life.

Please fill in the form below and upload a photo of your prop at the bottom for us to evaluate the value.

2) Partnership Opportunities

“The things you own end up owning you” Tyler Durden, Fight Club.

If you are a collector of antiques or vintage items; or have a theme styled shopfront, why not make the most of the things you own? List your items virtually in our props database and earn if the item gets rented out – all from the convenience of your home. We provide a hassle-free collection and return delivery service to and from your location whenever an item is rented out.

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