Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Showroom & Visitations

Yes we do! However our showroom visits are by appointment basis only as we have to make sure the place is prim and proper for our guest ✨😉

Props Customization

With us, you could literally make the customisations of your dreams! 🦄🚀✨

Types of customization range from adding lights, changing of color, adding of parts/components and the addition of decals.
Depending on requirements, we are also able to fabricate various customized 3D shapes and structures. Kindly send in your mood board/render here!

Yes you may! However we require for the props to be reinstated back to its original condition upon return 👍👍

Delivery & Self-Collection

The delivery fee(s) tabulated at your checkout page varies depending on the quantity and size of the prop(s) you rent!

Depending, a 10Ft, 14Ft, or 24Ft may be deployed to transport your order(s) to your desired location.

All delivery fee(s) include  manpower to transport and shift the prop(s)!

An addtional 30% of delivery fees will be applied on deliveries before/after office hours, (10AM - 6PM).

All Self Collection can be carried out between office hours from 10am - 6pm, kindly drop us a message for self collection at other hours of the day!

Props ordered for self collection will be placed at 10 admiralty Street, S757440 on the date and time of set collection.

To insure The Propz Company in cases of pilferages/damages amidst self collection(s) and overdue return of rented props, a $500 refundable deposit needs to be collected.

The deposit will be refunded in 3 working days after the prop is returned!

Damages & Pilferages

Yes.. For damages, the fee will be dependant on the severity of the damage. For pilferages, the fee will vary from prop to prop. 😢

Props Adoption

Traditionally, a prop is any 3D object/structure that has aesthetical value and can be used for decoration purposes! 😍

Props are most commonly designed and fabricated according to themes and used to celebrate a certain season/occasion!

Any item that is of durable material(s), aesthical value and not commonly found in public that is able to invoke/spark emotional connectivity amongst the general public! 🤩💯

Examples of prop worthy items

  • Vintage/retro everyday items (E.g Old Metal Gate and Window Frames, Kiddy Rides)
  • Giant Festive Decorations (E.g Giant Lanterns, Snowman, Christmas Trees) 
  • Giant Games and toys (Giant Lego, Giant Teddy Bear)
  • 3D Fabricated structures (Life size Dinosaurs, Giant Suerhero Action Figures and Toy Figurines)

All prop worthy items adopted will have be refurbished and fixed up for listing on this platform, giving them a second life! ♻️🌏🌱

With technical and surface repair expertise, we are able to make refurbishment on various materials. Kindly send in an image and description of the prop you'd like to donate here!

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