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Barrel Skeleton
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Legend says a group of ruthless pirates who didn't die a peaceful death is now roaming the seas in the form of skeletons to kidnap villagers! This Halloween skeleton prop is the perfect fit for your horror Halloween decorations/pirate themed decor as it builds a scary atmosphere! Pair this decorated skeleton with our other Halloween night decoration!

Renting this scary prop recycles approximately 18Kgs of fibreglass! 861143 Resized 

Material & Measurements:

 Material:  Fibreglass 
 Height: 160cm 
 Width: 60cm 
 Length: 60cm 
 Weight: +/-18kgs

Props Specifications:


Minimum Transportation & Set Up Requirements:


Other Info:

- Kindly add to enquiry for customization of the prop or rental durations of more than 14 days


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